Diary of a Teenanger
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2002-01-08 01:54:53 (UTC)

My first entry!

Hey people..

Well my name is Nikki..im a 14/f/il and im yur typical
teenanger! Im not really the sporty type of girl cuz i suck
at sports but oh well theres nuttin i can do about that.
I'm a dancer actually...I LOVE to dance!! its basically my
whole life well besides my friends of course. My best
friends are lauren and kristine!! i luv u guys!! And to all
the rest ya know i love ya! Ok well Im 4'10, yeah i know im
short but theres nuttin i can do about that, i have long
brown hair, brown eyes, about 105 pounds or sumthin like
that. I go to Mother Mcauley and its an ok school but
theres no guys!!! But its ok cuz i can be myself which is
really cool. b/c ya know how if a guy is there ya totally
have to change yur attitute, but at my school u can be
yurslef and u dont have to worry about nething! hmm wut
else...i love to shop but who dosent..well expect for gay
guys, lol but they are the BEST shopping partners ever.
okay well If u wanna know anything else just ask expect for
those pervert guys who ask stupid questions. OK well im
gonna go ill write in here later.


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