thouhgts of Sam
2002-01-08 01:49:13 (UTC)

I'm here at home now....

Ok so I'm sitting here at home with nothing to do so I
thought I would add a little more to my diary. So here
Today, ran smoothly I guess I mean it was ok for the first
day of my last semester of high school. I only changed one
of my classes and nothing much changed but the course and
the teacher. I went from coach auld's goverment class to
Mr. Weatherholds Economics class. I like the class I'm in
now so much more. Coach auld was kind of a dick. But
anyway it was ok today cause I got to see joselin. We have
lunch together and it is nice to just be with her. I mean
I know it's only for 30 minutes but I guess it's better
than 2 seconds in the hall or something terrible like
that. Tomorrow at school I wont even get to see her at
all. But hopefully she is going to come over here tomorrow
night since she can drive and all. That in itself will be
a wonderful thing. I havent seen here in like 6 hours and
I already miss her. It's kind of terrible right? I mean
for me it seems that time itself depends on her. I know it
doesnt and I have other things to do but I really do like
to spend all of my time with her. I know that we need to
make time for other people but it's ok cause soon katy will
have a car and katy can do things for katy and we wont have
to go and pick her up to do things so much. And that means
joselin and I can have some well deserved time alone
together. You know josh and I were talking lastnight and
the way it got started goes like this. I told josh about
kellys situation cause she and katys mom had a big
discussion about her life, I mean it was ok but I couldnt
really add anything so I just had to sit and I got
distracted by this dinosaur light, but anyway we were
talking and somehow we got on joselin and I. Well......
Sorry to leave you hanging but I kind of dont want to
finish the thought right now cause I have to go and eat so
I will finish later