Pure Belligerence
2001-04-12 02:27:41 (UTC)

*What kind of name is brekenridge?*

Ok, aften my mother got home from ny tonight because of the
funeral, i started my colorado discussion with her again.
I tell her i do not want to go to co for vacation in
june.... iv missed to many days of school already. She
says she already bought the plane ticket and im going.
great. My uncle lives out in co and he might come pick me
up one day and we'll hang out. My dad went to visit him
last year and said it was great.... Brekenridge (where im
staying) is a yuppy town and i'll like it.... gee thanks
dad... whatever are you hinting at?? just because i dont
wear a cowboy hat drive a pickup truck and disembowel
animals means im a yuppy? He said no, its my whole
attitude twards everything. ok then. My mom and stepdad
are into hiking which is why theyre going to co for
vacation in the first place. That is so not my thing.
Tennis.... hell yes. Floor hockey.... im not good at it
but i still love it. Hiking? negative. So far none of my
friends can come with my so im hoping their parents will
change their minds and let the come *fingers crossed* me
being an only child doesnt give me the sibling
companionship iv always wanted. (Iv always wanted an older
brother and asked my mom to adopt me one for my bday but
she said no) This means i'll be alone and have to make
friends.... which i can be pretty good at but the whole
going up to strangers thing and asking will you be my
friend? doesnt appeal to me.