stars in the sky emo in the heart
2002-01-08 01:36:23 (UTC)

so this is the place to be

like i put as my title. this is the place to be. thank you
all for your responses. finally someone who respects me for
speaking my mind. i was almost hoping for some whiny emo
gals to be like 'well you dont know what love is!' wah wah
wah. its so great to be me.

i dont allow myself to fall in love. im too self centered
to give my heart to someone else. to me my heart is mine.
it was made to be mine. no one elses. so therefore even if
i do fall for this mushy emo crap i still wont give that
away. and if they give me theirs, they better be prepared
for one hell of an emo ride. cuz ill rip it to shreds the
first or second chance i get. id rather guys hate me than
be hurt by me. so id rather not give them to opportunity to
love me. hate or friends is fine with me.

but before i get too ahead of myself i will let you all
know that im not as much of a bitch as i put myself out to
be. true i break hearts. but that doesnt mean its my fault.
they fall hard and im not ready for that. maybe one day ill
give into this 'love' fad. cuz it seems everyones falling
for it. mite as well be another drone.

but very true i am emo. i cry too much to be anything else.
and considering im such a bitch and dont give a shit its
surprising how much tears i give away. i just wear my
emotions on my sleeve. its pathetic i know.