steaming the buns
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2002-01-08 01:36:20 (UTC)

sabado nights pt 2

Alright back to my saturday night. so i got dressed, got
into the car and drove off like a weekend warrior on the
rampage. one problem though. where do i go? i was planning
on going to a nice quiet bar while i wait for my
disillusioned companions to come to their senses and come
along for the night.( though i was'nt holding my breath) i
was'nt in a talkative mode that night anyway. seemed like
all the spots i used to go have disappeared or have been
converted to videoke bars or convenient stores. i thought
of going to a nice cozy irish pub or something, then it hit
me. where can a guy go where he wouldnt need to talk to
anyone or even care what people around were thinking?
whowzabout mayric's? OK! have'nt beeen there in a while.
and it's to noisy to talk there anyway. and if im lucky
get to check out some new cool local bands. so i get on my
way, then the phone rings.. msg: we are at streetlife..come
on over. let me think.. im already on the road, not in the
mood for friendly conversation, oh yeah , which would i
rather watch.. local underground rock bands or wimpy poser
party cover bands? no contest. so i arrived at mayrics by
11pm. now i missed this scene: grungy looking tambays
sitting on the steps in groups, groupies, wannabes,
musicians. (my band's been stagnant for 2 months now). so i
pay the hundred peso entrance fee not bothering to ask who
was playing(didnt feel like driving again yet) and got a
place at the bar. pretty good crowd. the place was'nt as
packed last time i was there. downed two san miguel lights
in my first 20 minutes(thirsty) and paid in advance for my
next drinks. the evenings bands were pretty ok. it was i
think new wave night or something. now i'm not really into
new wave or gothic new wave(to the purists, forgive me if i
don't get the catwegories or lingo wrong, like i said im
nopt that interested) but it was ok. at least over sdelayed
guitars and people in black and guys looking like girls is
way way better than hearing: ok everybodee.. get up and
shake your booty! livin la vida loca! pwe!
i didnt ask who the bands wwere though they were alright.
liked the punk band. punk i can dig. though i did'nt really
got into that whole punks not dead, anarchy mode... but hey
more power. got a sermon from my dad once when he saw me
writing " i am an antichrist ..i am an anarchist... gave me
a lecture not to get braiwashed by the music. these guys
were pretty young. im not saying im old but i was used to
see medyo old cats playing punk nowadays. one time there
was this band in alyanas. maybe mid thirtyish guys.. a punk
band with all the trimmings. you could'nt help but notice
em..these pretty old guys in full punk regallia saying fuck
erap fuck malacanang ..whatever. it was definately a
trip.sarap thin kasabay mga ganon. tawa ako when the
vocalist shouted fuck slapshock fuck greyhounds. i got it
but the other bands that played before em were quiet. why?
they just finished their set with covers of the
aforementioned bands. now back to mayrics.. by my fourth
beer i began making random textmsgs (sorry to the people i
woke up) the buzz hath arriveth. yeth.. it was'nt that loud
that night.. medyo ok iwas getting a bit tired of all the
muthafucka bands we play with. i like the music but
sometimes you get to the point were you can't take anymore
groowwwllls!!!!!!!!!! yeah muthafucka rowf rowf.lalo na pag
3 bands in a row do the same thing.
to think i was into death metal in high school. k by my
fifth beer i got bored and uninterested in the band with
thwe vocalist wearing a suit looking like a bank manager..
this was better than going to the "in" places now were
people just show up to be see and be seen. panay pormahan.
wala bang point yung storya? fuck it, this is no writing
composition, it's a 'journal' about what happened to me. if
nothing happened to me then i'd write about me staring into
the tv, scratching my ass. so no lurid tales of erotic
conquests to be found here..
even if there was i would'nt put it here.. otherwise i'd
start charging. nope not interested. i didnt feel like
talking remenmber? paano ako mg kokommunicate? kindatan? go
read xerex.
ano pa? so after that i left. i think it was close to 3am.
drove around some more. passing along espana, i see there's
still a lot of guys waiting for a ride. then i remember,
espana is a pick up zone for male prostitutes. they act
like just waiting for a jeepney or something then a car
with a "customer" wouold pass by and pick em up. i know
most people in the AREA know about this flesh trade. i know
it was common knbowledge among us in ust. i remember going
home once, waiting for a ride when this civic stopped by me
and a couple of 'guys' tried to pick me up. kno2wing what
goees on there, i told em they could't afford me and
boarded a jeep. you8 get exposed to a lot at ust. ok. im
getting a head ache now.

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