out of reach
2002-01-08 01:28:46 (UTC)

and it makes me feel so fine i can't control my brain

boy oh boy did it snow today. but did we get out of
school? NO!!!!! of course not! and did donovan cancel
yearbook so i could snowboard? NO! why would she do a
stupid thing like that?! damn all you school people! arg!

well, either way i'm in such a great mood right now. i
came home and there was a box from victoria's secrets
delivered. cheers to new underwear. pretty underwear
makes jamie happy.

hey you know what else makes jamie happy, WEEZER! u know
what makes me even happier? weezer with OZMA! and saves
the day too! tickets go on sale wednesday and if i don't
get to go i'm going to kill myself i think. i've been
looking forward to seeing weezer again since the summer and
i've been waiting for ozma to go out on tour near me since
i got their album this summer too. the two of them in the
same show is just amazing. i'm feel as if i shouldn't be
so excited about it in fear that i'd miss it and be
overwhelmingly disappointed.

i have yearbook meetings all this week. its so
depressing. all i want to do is snowboard. maybe one day
it won't start till later and i can go up for a few runs
and then come back. hmmmm. that would be kewl.

i think i should do homework now....nah.

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