JKs journal
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2002-01-08 01:19:38 (UTC)

me and stacey fooling around

Today was a fucking great day. I woke up at about 2 oclock
and thougt I wasnt up for school or something, but when I
got down stairs I found out it had been cancelled because
of the snow. I called david wh I heard tis and he came over. We went
to Amandas house and stacey was over then what i did next i am going
to regret. When we got there amanda and david went down the street to
buy some food at the convienient store. About 5 minutes after they
left stacey came and sat right next to me andput her head on my
shoulder, i was very confused because i didnt know she really liked
me, but then she put my hand under her shirton her chect and told me
to tell her if she felt cold, i sai yea she took her shirt and bra
offand said she wanted to warm up by th fire and skd me if i wanted
to go with her i said sure lol. when we go to the fire she told m to
take my shirt off, i took my jeans off also. wewere there and she had
only her panties on and i had only my boxers on. so the she got real
close to me andi put my arms around her, im noreally surewha wen on
next but all i remember is her hand down my peants and my han up her
shirt and amanda and david walking in and amanda screaming and then
laughing. we put our clothes back on nd then we went upstairsand we
talked and didnt do nothin nasty exept kiss. me and david went home
and i told him wha happend and he laughed.