A Knock Down Drag Out
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2002-01-08 01:19:07 (UTC)

Monday Night

It's Monday night, already! Today wasn't all that bad
either. I ended up cleaning and chatting on the internet
untill about 3, when I went to the YMCA to play basketball
with Clay and Meredith and ppl from L-town. Kellan, Nate,
Carter and some others were there too, but they left about
4. I beat Clay 10-8 in one on one and he gave me a 9 pt.
lead. lol Tomorrow we have a 2 hour delay in school, unless
they cancel it in the morning, because South Davidson is
still kinda icy and snowy. I can't wait untill basketball
practice!! I used to hate basketball, but now I absolutely
adore it. I wish could play more in our games though.
Everyone else plays more it seems b/c im just average height
and I can't dribble too well. lol. I'm gonna practice as
hard as I can Tuesday and Wednesday so I cn try to play more
on Thursday against South. Right now we're 0-5 but we lost
by 1 to North, 24 to Ledford, about 13 to T-Ville, and like
13 to Brown too. We really arent as bad as ppl say. Oh well.
It bothered me yesterday when Kenan made fun of the person I
told him I liked. I always thought of Kenan as really kool
and now he's annoying. Clay is my best friend. Too bad we're
not like real best friends lol hes pretty funny! My mom also
told me today that I should transfer to Lexington (the
school). It's not a bad idea but I don't want to leave
Tyro/West. It would be nice to have teams that are good in
sports, but I dont think I'd fit in, and I'd miss my
friends. Oh well I'm out to watch prime-time tv! Ttyl!

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