2002-01-08 01:10:00 (UTC)

Suicide for the Paranoid

a letter to myself. My schizophrenic half

fuck you, you pathetic piece of shit. You coward that
chooses to hide behind shadows and refuses to change. How
unreliable you have become throughout the years. What are
you going to do? I'll tell you what your gonna
do...NOTHING! Oh, what's the matter? does the
word "nothing" seem all to familiar to you? well, it
should. You are nothing and you have nothing and you'll be
nothing and nothing is what you'll die with. You might as
well go somewhere and eat shit, you heartless bitch. Yes,
you are a heartless bitch, Patty, and I hate you! Just like
I hate the very goddamn fucking headache you've given me! I
rather swim in bile than suffer thru this headache. I have
a throbbing headache from you and only you. Goddamn you.
Goddamn you.
I despise you.
every waking day I wish I could
end you. I will end you someday Patty.
So help me God. I will end you