2002-01-08 00:53:07 (UTC)


So I started watching the new Hallmark channel the past
couple of weeks. I don't watch it during the day, but I do
at nite. They have great movies at 9. I practice my vocals
and get everything else done so that I can watch it. It's
like when I used to get my homework done so that I could
watch the Disney channel.

I was talking to Diet Koke online earlier. When is he going
to ask Rachel to Date Dance? Sara?! Your duties as
matchmaker have not subsided.

I really don't have much to say. I'll doubtless be rambling.

I was organising Jack's shit today. I love organising. He
has so many books that he just won't get rid of. I know the
feeling though. I have books that I'm going to keep forever.

I'll write more later.
I'm going to go make chicken sandwiches for Jack. He's
driving to Florida tomorrow. Then of course I'll be
watching the Hallmark channel.

luv and peace,