Pink Flowers

Pink Flowers
2002-01-08 00:30:38 (UTC)


Dammit! I hate when people do this to me! Coach Dan
asked me if I wanted to play tennis today......well here
is the thing...inside I would love to play tennis, but I
absolutly hate to have to run a damn mile! I really don't
know if I can take that. I remember how last year my
stpmach would twist into knots when I realized that I only
had twenty minutes until I would be forced to make a fool
of myself in front of the damn track team. I reall want
to cry right now! All of this is making me realize how I
missed playing tennis.....and how I hated running that
fucking mile! I mean I really hated it! I loathed it! I
would have rather run two or three miles on my own. God,
and my times were awful too. I think my best time last
year was like 8:07 or so. That is not cool. God, and I
don't like the idea of having to get all nasty and sweaty
in front of all of those guys up at the field
house......dammit! I am torn! Shit shit shit! I really
don't know what I want to happy right? Ok,
well I would be happy if I didn't have to run that fucking