can't fight the moonlight...
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2002-01-08 00:26:14 (UTC)

rain keeps falling...

or, in our case, snow. and its stopped. but i have the song
in my head (you know, the one from the Breakfast Club?
Don't you/forget about me...Anyways)
Feel like talking to Sardou, but Nikki is on the phone.
Fooey on her.
Went driving w/ the Troll today (aka Conti) Not bad, I like
this whole driving thing!! Only, what, four months till my
lisence? Okay, more like over five, but even still. Good
times to be had there.
I had an epiphiny today in History class. Freshman year was
a REALLY long time ago. I was thinking about X-Files--
because last night was amazing--and somehow got to Requiem.
Flashback to me, Nikki and Sarah falling off the couch,
staring at the TV in utter amazement. And I say freshman
year sucked? Well, it did, but little things like that... I
mean, me and Sarah are still tight. But I think of staying
up until all hours of the night on the phone, and silly X-
Files moments, and I just can't believe it was only three
years ago.
I miss it, but what can I do?

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