Figments of my Imagination
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2002-01-08 00:09:57 (UTC)

Hmm... a lil disapointed

I dunno... sometimes i get extremely pissed at something
and have to yell out at it without regrets of what is
said. I tend to really hurt others in the process. So if
ur christian, don't get pissed at what I say. If ur
christian, I'm still mad at the ones who are Stuck up
Evangelists... Or any know-it-all for that matter. I still
stand by what I said earlier too, but I guess I couldn't
really pin down every single christian. well today was the
first day back at school... pretty shitty. I really have
no desire to work anymore. In 4 months, half of my high
school career will be over with. its depressing. I'm
helping out the 8th graders "Carpe Diem" their last few
months of middle school. Heres what I said to a friend:

PunkNerd: look kayti this is the circumstances u have here
RottenKid: ...
PunkNerd: Middle School Has fucked u over countless times...
U have 4 months TO fuck it back over and get even, cause
nothing u do in middle school will carry over to high
schoool no matter what they say.
Its you chance to fuck the faculty, and the school, and the
kids over... or else it will jizz all over your face
RottenKid: jesus, that sounds so true
PunkNed: Go Out With A Bang
RottenKid: but what tha fuck can i do?
PunkNerd: piss off the faculty
RottenKid: like...
PunkNerd: put potatoes in miss stewarts muffler
RottenKid: any ideas?
RottenKid: HA HA,
PunkNerd: stick cafeteria hamburgers in the toilets
RottenKid: that would br fun
PunkNurd: stand on the cafeteria table and cause a riot
RottenKid: interesting... okay, i better start thinking
like chris now
PunkNurd: see, I lost my chance
PunkNurd: it raped my asshole
RottenKid: how bout bring syrup and squrt it in tha hallways
RottenKid: and bathrooms and shit
PunkNurd: how about eat food in the classrooms
PunkNurd: and do that too
RottenKid: hehe
RottenKid: i'nm so gunna do that
PunkNurd: take down the "no skating" signs
PunkNurd: look... if u get leo, what will that do GET
RottenKid: i havnt seen any of those, where are they?
PunkNurd: they used to be around the school
RottenKid: okay
PunkNurd: till someone tore it down
RottenKid: well i'll look for them
RottenKid: see if they have anymore
PunkNurd: if the teachers are bitchy to you, be bitchy back
RottenKid: will do
PunkNurd: yell odd things in class (Now THAT is something
I did ALL the time in 8th grade)
PunkNurd: I yelled the most obscene things
RottenKid: HA HA, i can see that
PunkNurd: but I was right on the line of tolerable, and
totally disturbing and disgusting, and I kept pusshig those
PunkNurd: i manipulated the teachers very well
RottenKid: he he
PunkNurd: if u got a chance to skip, skip
RottenKid: go chris! *high five*
PunkNurd: bring a "movie" to school
RottenKid: what do you mean?
PunkNurd: make it turn out to be a porn
PunkNurd: fuck up the computers
RottenKid: ha ha, that i can do... they never watch you on
those things
PunkNurd: just fuck the school back over like it so very
deserves, that way.... when u look back, you won't
have the thought of "I was asss raped by middle school"
instead u can say "I fucked it right up the ass"
RottenKid: ha ha
RottenKid: cool cool
RottenKid: thanks fer telling me this shit... thats
exactally what i need to do
RottenKid: mal too
RottenKid: we're gunna do it together
PunkNurd: see, u'll have fun
RottenKid: :-D
PunkNurd: i'm tellin ya
PunkNurd: DO IT!

I thought that was interesting convo #1

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