casey vespa

street knife fight
2002-01-07 23:57:03 (UTC)

wahhhh...cranky. baby? nonoNO! thats Rachhhh!

hey. hey. saying hey to a freakin computer. but
really i would say computer like this: computah. im all
fulla rad slang. fo realz man. "and at your funeral i will
sing the offer you my hand it would hurt too
much to watch you die..." aw that song is on as i type
this. which is rather wierd in a way. i mean, someday i
will read this and realize at one point i was writing this
AND listening to this song...ok fine, i bet you dont get
it or feel as "in awe" of it all, but oh well...i am so
yay me. so i am in a state of confusion/sadness. woah,
what is new? not much my fine feline, nooooot much. so i
havent got to see much of my one love interest which is
pretty bumming...::sigh:: i just guess i really DO like
him...i just didnt realize it until recently. and NOW it
seems like he's not as interested in me...or maybe thats
just my warped view...i just DO NOT knowwww. im not
even "going out" with this guy...but do i want to?
hmmmm...something to ponder. well im all antsy. bah.