Pure Belligerence
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2001-04-12 01:55:30 (UTC)

*NMHS students.... future inmates.... might as well train them now*

Theyre slowly starting to give us our privlages back at
school. Now we can have passes to go to the LMC and other
things. I dont think they found that Dee wrote on the
desk, they would have done something about it now, right?
On monday, i had a sore throat when i woke up and didnt
think much of it, then it didnt go away so i went to the
nurse and went home. Turns out it isnt strep, which is
good because even after getting my tonsils out i get it
more than id like to. But iv feel like crap and have
stayed home for the past two days.... dumb virus. Its wed.
and i dont have school on friday because we have spring
break.... yeah!