The Sexy Blonde
2002-01-07 23:55:49 (UTC)

The Holidays, and Sex

Man oh man. These last 2 and a half weeks have been
great. The only thing is I was really sick, terribly sick,
on Christmas morning and I couldn't barely open presents.
I got lots of stuff, and I gave a lot of stuff too.

Anyway, today was the first day back to school, but
first I stayed up all night playing my damn The Sim's game.
I am so addicted. I also bought The Sim's HotDate, but I
don't have enough memory on my computer so I will probably
go return it or something. Anyways, about this morning.
Jose and I talked last night and I told him I had no way to
get to school tomorrow, besides walking, so he said he
would give me a ride. He asked me for the combination
(code) for my house (keypad, no keys for me I lose them to
much) and I told him. He said he would be there around 8:00
or so.
I woke up around 6:20a.m. when my mom left to
work, she left around 6:25a.m. Then I was laying in bed,
with the television on the spanish music channel, listening
quitely to the music, and listening to my brothers dumbass
cat knock down shit off his shelfs in his bedroom. But
instead I heard something at my bedroom door. I looked at
my door. Then my key turned, and Jose walked into my
bedroom, he came and sat on my bed.
He was dressed in his work clothes, pants, long
underwear, boxers, underwear, jacket, sweater, shirt,
muscle shirt, and thats was it...sorry, getting a little
day dream there. Anyway, he came and sat down on my bed and
he was talking to me telling me good morning and we were
kissing. I finally got him to take off his work boots and
crawl in bed with me. He was giving me a little hand
massage, because they hurt from being so cold. But my body
was warm and he loved that.
Anyway he ended up taking my panies off, and then he
took my sports bra off(thats all I was wearing), then I got
on top of him teasing and kissing him. Then I got up from
the bed (naked) and walked over to my closet to put some
new panies on, trying to get dressed for school and he
walks over to my closet and asks me if I want to
put "him" "in".. I told him it was up to him. I said if he
wanted to put "him" "in", then take off my panties, and if
I wanted to put "him" "in" then to unbutton his pants and
take "him" "out", so thats exactly what he did, and then I
followed. So anyway we had a quick doggie style before I
went to school. On the way to school, we kissed a few times
but I hurried and got out of the car because he said he had
to hurry and do stuff before he went to the shop.
That was fine by me because I needed to go to the
office in my school, and get my locker combination, because
its been a while since I have been to school, and I forgot
what the combination was. So anyway besides that, I was
glad to get my new schedule this morning. They only
switched 1 of my classes, my gym class. It is now a fitness
class. The teacher is kind of crazy, and she is kooky. But
she seems nice.
Anyway I am really pissed about my other diary. I am
not sure if you are all familiar with teenopendiary but it
says I am not authorized to be at the website, same with
other people I have talked too.

My mom got me a few more gifts too, they were
late because she ordered them. I got them today. It was a
scale, some perfume :Cool Water, Candies, Lucky You, and
Curve. I was real happy, and thankful.

Jose got me some very beautiful stuff
over the holidays. A big beautiful ring that matches a
necklace he also gave me. Anyways I had to walk home from
school today, it sucked. It got really hot, and it felt
like miles and miles and miles. But it was only a mile and
1/2. Anyway I best get going and go play my sims game. Buh

Leave lots of precious notes.

Love, Jessica