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2001-04-12 01:30:53 (UTC)

Up's and Down's

My mother came in at 3:30 am this morning to find me on my
computer doing schoolwork, and now I'm getting the riot act
for being online so late. I can't really explain to her
that I was up so late doing schoolwork because I
procrastinated. I think it's a screwed-if-I-do, screwed-if-
I-don't kind of thing.

Play rehearsal went badly. One of my shoes broke, I need to
fix the elastic on it. My dance partner made a sexual
remark at me, which got me POed. I really wanted to back-
hand him. It's occurred to me that if I did half the stuff
I wanted to do to people, I'd be in prison now. Maybe
someday I'll take his Pentagram and put a crucifix around
his neck instead. Heh heh *g* I can't believe the director
wants us there five hours a day every day over spring
break. Blah!

On a high note, the braces guy said my teeth are really
good, and that I don't have to go back anymore unless I
have complaints. About time.