I Debbie...
2001-04-12 01:25:02 (UTC)

My Surfboard Philosphy

If I wasn't such a bonehead I wouldn't have erased it the
first time. But here goes. The first day you go out on your
surfboard and you carry it out as if by a labor of love.
You have waxed it and kept it pure for that first ride much
the way a new mother feeds and nurishes her protected child.
When it appears on that first day it is without warps or
splinters and is ready for its first cool dip in the
invigorating pool of life. The surfer gets on for that first
ride and is a bit wobbly at first and only goes out alittle
way. Time after time the surfer goes out farther and farther
still. One day the surfer gets knocked off of his or her
position and is plunged into the depths of the water. He
swims for the surface and upon reaching it looks for his
board. Getting on it once more he realizes that it isn't the
right one. It may be hard to steady or it could be too slick
or small. Maybe the surfer gets off and tries to find
another one. Maybe the surfer keeps on trying this one with
the allusion that somehow he can make it work. In any case
the surfer eventually becomes at one with the board and
finds the rhythym on it that is if it was meant for him. The
rhythym can only be achieved if you realize that no o ne
board is right but you need to find that inner peace that
will create a inner goal enabling you to ride the waves of
the ocean. Only you can determine what road that you travel
and only your heart will determine your truth. Some people
never get back on the board after the first or second or
tenth time they are knocked off of their board. And some
make it to the surface and exist by clinging onto the
nearest bouy they find. Maybe they don't have the strength
or the skills to find their path and depend on others for
sustinance. Only by picking yourself up and swimming for
safety will you begin to stregthen your feelings of worth,
independance and endurance;skills necessary to fing that
perfect combination of the surfer and his board. Their is no
one perfect board but their is a perfect combination and
this exists within each of us. It is wainting to be born or
awakened. What will create the need for it to be arroused
from within us? There are a variety of things, too many to
go into and too varied to explain. Just know that with God's
help we can be and with our strength we can if we want to
bad enough. Within reason and without a doubt.