ViCtiM oF ReaLiTY
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2002-01-07 22:51:40 (UTC)

1:00 iN THe A M...

*A couple of days ago i tried to write in this thing
but my computer got all screwed up so i didnt get to,....
so here is what i was TRYING to write. Well on Friday
Paulina, Stix, and Chris came over to my house and got high
with me. it was the first time that i had ever gotten high
with Chris, so i didnt know quite what to expect. well, as
usual, i was the first one to get f*cked up, so i was
acting like a total dumbass. then Uncle Bill called and was
like "i gotta come grab some stuff from ur house that i
left there" so i was like 'oh shit.......'..... so i had to
act normal till he left (he almost saw Paulina and Stix
dancing around outside in my backyard) but thnk gd he
didnt. so i went out, took some more hits, and then we all
went inside and they wanted to order pizza so they did and
it was so good!!!!!! but that was probably just cuz i had
the munchies,.... so at one point i remember that i was
sitting at the table in my kitchen and Chris was next to me
and i dont think he was flecked up, but i was, so i kept
trying to talk to Paulina, but he kept kissing me and
trying to make-out with me. Paulina told me she noticed
that too because one second i would be saying something and
then Chris would be on me trying to put his tongue down my
throat and she said she could tell that i didnt want to (i
dont really recall.....) but she said that she doesnt feel
the same way about Chris like she did before (she thinks he
was trying to take advantage of me, but were fucking like
TOGETHER so i dont even care! he can do whatever the fuck
he feels like doing to me).

Then later that night Amber came over (her and Stix
were staying the night at my house) and Paulina left so it
was just the 4 of us. i didnt want Chris to go, cuz it was
getting late and he had to go, so i told him to come over
later on....... and ... so ... after he left we watched
Bambi and like some Disney movies (dont know why) and we
got a pack of cigarettes from Kristy cuz we were out and
she picked us up some.

_--__-----____-_-- later on that night at like 1:00
am, i went and met Chris and snuck him in and we all
chilled in my room and watched Miss Congeniality (the only
movie on @ 1:00 in the mornin) and then Stix and Amber went
outside to smoke so me and Chris just made-out and did
OTheR THINgs too!*wink wink* and i dont know why but i
really really wanted to have sex but he didnt have a
condum, FUCKING DUMBASS!!!!!! what loser doesnt
come over at 1:00 in the A M and doesnt have one?!?! well
anywayz, we had fun and he left around like 4:30, even
though i wanted him to stay... so sad..... so ya, and then
i got woken up at 11:00 by Stix so it kinda sucked! but ya,
interesting stuff.

Its so much fun hangin out with Chris! he's a cool guy and
i luv him! well later.

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