2002-01-07 22:45:10 (UTC)

This is different...

Hey, this is different for a diary website. Anyways...

I'm Amber. My friends normally call me Amby or Amz
though. I'm a Christian, so don't forget that! I'm 16
years old and a sophomore at WLHS in... some state, lol. I
have a boyfriend, Tim, and I love him to death! Him and I
have been together for almost a year, and I hope that it
lasts forever! I feel like it will since God is the one
who brought us together.

I really don't have much to say for my first entry. I have
2 more internet diaries... one is at www.opendiary.com and
my name is *Pinkie*Slinky* and I have one at
www.teenopendiary.com and my name is *Sparklz*N*Smilz*

Thanks for reading, bye bye!

Love in Christ-

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