2002-01-07 22:30:19 (UTC)

In need of a friend...


Hi! My name is Jean-Marc and I'm 27 years old...
I've been going out with this 21 year old girl for the past
6 months and things started to go bad about a month or two
ago... She moved in with me 'cause I had a waterbed!!! (at
least that's what I think) "cause as soon as she slept on
it, she never wanted to leave... go back to her own
place... I've been in Calgary for about 10 months so I
don't know many people...My home was my life... then she
decided to stay so she became my life... Today, she left...
And I'm hurting 'cause everything I did in the past few
months, I did for her... I don't know what to do???