Pink Flowers

Pink Flowers
2002-01-07 22:11:57 (UTC)

Espanol My Ass!!!

I am in a really foul mood right now.....I am just
pissed about the 88 in Spanish when she told me that I
would have a 90. What a God damn bitch! I hope she
becomes steril! I hope she can never have any kids! I
mean what in the hell is she doing? This is my future
that she is fuckig with! I know that an 88 is not the end
of the world but hell! If she told me that I was going to
have an A and then I get a B that is just wrong!
I want my cd back from Lauren too! It has been at her
house for a while now and I want it back! That is another
thing that I have to worry about. Lauren is in this fight
with Holly and Megan and Kim and I am already in the
middle of it but I am sick of this shit! I am tired of
peoples problems.
So, ok, I know that I will have am A in everything but
fucking Spanish. I really should talk to her about that
tomarrow. I think I am going to! This is really
bothering me!
Also I can now write without any reservations since I
put my diary on private. William and I are I guess what
you would call "fuck buddies." I know this will end up to
be a horrible mess and I don't know why I have gotten
myself into this shit!
I just want to have William to like me.....but I will
have to deal with this relationship instead, that is
really all that any guy who knows me is after......exept
Danny but god he is just too emotional! Like a damn girl!
I don't know I just had a bad day today........well
maybe later tonight I will workout.....if not I have still
not exceeded 300 cals. which is what I will end up with if
I don't exersize.....but I really know that I should! I
need to! I really really need to!

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