Squirrel Heaven
2002-01-07 22:09:03 (UTC)

Sleep Deprived

Ick icky, I had to goto school today...And I only got 5
hours of sleep last night, and durring the holidays Im used
to about 9-10 hours. So yeah. It sucks. And I dont like
school that much cause I goto school with ignorant
shitheads...except a select few people. I can't believe its
4pm already..and I have so much to do in 6 hours. You have
no idea.

Mrs. Ryan has stopped our avid novel reading and now we are
going to write creatively. I have been waiting for this day
for about 90 school days this year. Except there is one
problem. It has to be a real life event that has happened
to us, or that we can relate to. And I like fiction. And I
dont have alot of pleasant in my life to write about..and
she will give anyone who doesnt write pleasantly a zero. I
dont wanna make up shit..I mean..thats retarded. I guess
the most "touching" moment of my life that has any positive
centalmental value is...God..Its so hard to consenrate on
the good...or is there any good? Im trying to think of
something...All I can think of is how every summer I spend
time with my two cousins, Sheena and Sasha who are pretty
cool. I would write about the positive experiences with
Josh, but we are over now and eventually that would have to
come up, and I miss him alot, and thats not very pleasant.
Maybe, I will just write about the good memories we had
together...and just not mention the present..which is bad I
guess...I dont know. I hate having English class with all
the sheltered rich kids. They dont have any painful
memories, and all they have in the line of "problems" is
how at the holidays they have to play a board game with
cousins that they hate, and their dramatic family members.
Or their view upon Christianity, and the way God
has "touched" their lives. How does it always seem
that "God" touches the lives of people who have no
problems? Maybe they just have it easy, and there is no
God. Ever thought of that? I just cant seem to think of
anything that is exactly "touching". My family dislikes me
because I am such a dissapointment. My grandparents call me
ugly, and they mean it. Except my Grandpa Ralph. He's
always been really nice to me and I love him lots. I guess
he was like me when I was a kid or something. Durring the
spring we have wonderful wildflowers in Texas and he takes
me around to the different lakes, parks, camp sites, and
the coast and we do all kinds of natural stuff...He gets
time away from his wife, and I get time away from
everything else. I guess those would be the nicest times
for me. Living for the day in my grandpa's RV and just
doing whatever we feel like that day. Yes. I think I will
write about that - The times with my Grandpa Ralph.
I shall write to thee later.

Jasmine Nicole

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