2002-01-07 21:54:51 (UTC)


Miracle is my new fish. He is a betta. Why Miracle? He
jumped out of the tank, I forgot to put the lid back on,
and was out of water for an hour and a half and he's still
alive. I swear I found him dead but he wasn't. I put him
back in water. I was going to bring him back. But he
wasn't dead. I didn't really like his color. He is all
red. He's a miracle fish though so he's definetely a
keeper. Regardless of color.

Aaron and I have decided to forget our past and start
over. I'm on my second chance. He's got me whipped. I am
allowing myself to be changed into a person he wants me to
be. I don't find anything wrong with it. I think I'll be a
better person in the long run. He wants me to be open and
honest and tell him every little detail of my life. I
guess it's more of a request but forgetting the past and
starting over... But it will be a difficult transition.
I'm going from a shy bottle of emotions to an open social
butterfly. I have a month to change. He won't tell me how
long I've got but I'll be 17 in a month and I;m guessing
that's how long. If I'm not changed by then I'm gone.
He tells me to grow up all the time. He exepcts me to get
job and my license before I'm 17. For sure on the job but.
I have until April for my license, in my book.
I feel like he's putting a lot of pressure on my o grow up
way too fast. He's a senior and I'm a junior. I hink he;s
the one that needs to grow up and maybe he's trying to
change me while he's growing up himself. Who knows I don't
understand it. I feel whipped.
Well I have to go get some homework done. And check on
Miracle. No don't worry the lid is on.
I'll be back in a few days with another update.