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2002-01-07 21:22:01 (UTC)


Yesterday, I felt like I wanted my diary to go private, but
I got messages from people who made me change my mind. You
know how you think no one reads these things......they do.
You'd be surprised! I was definitely surprised to see how
many people read this thing. I mean, I knew a few people
read it, but just people that I don't know at all....I was
amazed. I guess when I said I was going private a few
people didn't want me to. I just want to say thank you. I
definitely had a smile on my face when I read some of the
messages you all left me. I didn't know so many people feel
where I'm coming from. To answer a few questions yall had
for me.....I'm 17 and I'll be 18 2/28(DON'T FORGET!).
Someone asked what I look like, but I don't feel that's
your business(sorry). Okay, I got a lot of questions about
Leroy. LOL....do I make him that appealing??? Well, he is
an awesome athlete.....I know he has a bright future ahead
of him. I know at times I make him sound like he's treating
me like shit, but he does have a kind heart. I kinda feel
like if I ever needed anything, then he would help me
out....just as I would him. Some of the questions I got, I
care not to answer.(smiles) Yall are some really nosey
people...I swear!(lol) But once again....thank you! At
times I feel like I just go on and on about really stupid
stuff, but yall made me realize that everyone has their
moments like the ones I have. I didn't know I made some
people want to be stronger and more independent. Yall say I
seem that type, and I am....but things do get hard. Man, I
can't believe so many people actually read this thing. Why
my diary? I don't have any catchy titles or anything. One
more time for the book....thank you. You have definitely
made my day a little more brighter.

On another subject though, today we went back to school. My
last semester of high school!!!!! 2002!!!! I really hope it
goes by fast because I'm ready to learn in a whole new
environment and meet new people. There are some ignorant
ones here and I can't wait to leave them in this shit. Oh
my gosh.....it's almost time for me to go to work.....where
has the time gone???? I'll probably hit this thang up when
I get home tonite.

Blessed, *MS. JLYN*