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2001-04-12 00:55:26 (UTC)

Crossbreed rules!!


Yesterday I come home from school. It's the usual "get-
on-the-computer-and-check-mail" thing. After a while the
phone rings. So I pick it up to hear yelling from the other
side. It was Nathan. "They came today! They came today!" I
looked over at the mail box, and sure enough, there's a box
there for me. I open it up, and yes my children, it was
there. In all it's glory. I recieved... the Crossbreed
sampler CD's!!!
There were 20 CD's, and 100 stickers to hand out. I
have 15 left (Davis, Will, Russel, Melysa, and myself, of
course). I gave out a lot of stickers too so that they
could give them out. They're so freakin awesome. I have to
ask Flip (keyboardist) about the availability of the first
CD. Ray wants to buy one. Plus I want lyrics to some songs.
I'm thinking of starting a Crossbreed site because I can
get info straight from the band.
Well that's about it. Oh yeah, I got a haircut. I
think it looks good. Bye²
- Dustin Snider
Owner and Creater of Incredible Space Monkey Central

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