Pink Flowers

Pink Flowers
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2002-01-07 20:51:23 (UTC)

Last Night.....And Early This Morning

Ok, so I have had about two hours of sleep! God, I
actually don't feel that bad.... William finally got
online last night and we talked for a little while....and
then he called me... I really need to get the history from
that message so that I can put it in here. To sum it up I
told him thai l woulddn't mind replaying what happened and
he said that it could definatly happen again. Well, once
we got on the phone he bagan to make all of these plans. I
think half of it was just bacause he was horny, but he was
talking about doing all this shit for a long period of time
without having anyone know about it. Well Stephanie knows
about it and some guys from Mylasia and Moises. The only
people I really have to worry about though are Stephanie
and Moises. So anyway....I am about to get into deep shit
again. First of all Danny and William brought up all of
that shit about me and my history with girls and Holly
ended up finding out about me and Stephanie kissing. That
is not a big deal. I just don't want them to find out
about the rest. But, so ok today at school William was
making these faces at me it was really funny actually cause
only he and I know what is really going on. And second I
have an 88 in Spanish.....damn teachers....why can't they
tell you what your real average is? She told me that if I
made a 100 on this thing then I would have a 90 in the
class......what a fucking dumbass!
Well today I have only had a couple of bites of chicken
and some carrotts.....I think I am going to learn to
survive off of coffee from now on!