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2002-01-07 20:28:06 (UTC)

Driven from my other diary

Hmm, teenopendiary not working. Could be they figured out
I'm not a teen.

So I haven’t written in my diary for a while. I’ve been
busy ok. I got my tongue pierced. It’s soooooo great, I
love it. I got it done about three weeks ago, the weekend
before I went on holiday from work. It hardly hurt at all,
and no-one at work noticed. I got it done on a Saturday,
went in to work on the Monday and Tuesday and no one said a
thing. Given how shocked they’d be, they’d say something
if they saw. Today I got the shorter bar in and it is much
snugger, less of an impediment. Kissing was a bit
different, and apparently it is better for other things

Christmas was quiet. I love spending time with my parents,
but there really isn’t much to do there, then they get all
sad when it is time for to go. Maybe sad is too strong a
word, they just seem kind of regretful that I have to go.
Damn this diary makes me far more emotional than normal.
Normally I don’t dwell on my feelings and that often suits
me fine. Dwelling? A good thing or not?

I pissed V. off today over email. She said she hadn’t
spoken to this bloke she might go out with since Saturday
since they had an argument over email and texting. I told
her she should get back in there and make up and she told
me my advice wasn’t asked for. Ho hum, only trying to
help. Actually I think I’m kind of protective of V., I
want her to be happy. I should let her get on with it.

I saw my friends from Ed. at last week and it was really
good. My only complaint would be that I think that they
should be more ambitious. Not only in work or whatever,
but generally. I think that they are over scared of
change. Oh yeah and does S. fancy me? Even a little? I’m
not sure and I don’t think I want to.

I’m sure anyone but me has got bored ages ago and given up

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