i guess this is what u want to read..
2002-01-07 20:06:39 (UTC)

back because people wanted me to put it back on...

hey! i havnt wrote for like ever..lol..but o well..ill
start again..im not a very happy peson..lol...its only
because i dont think i have REAL/TRUE friends anymore..and
to think that my friends at one point were everything in
the world to me..but now things and people have changed..im
so lost..i dont know who to trust or go to for advice
anymore..bc i think they changed..or maybe i have, i dont
know what to think, its a real pain too...bc friends are
all ive got..no boyfriend..only one parent whos never home,
and im not gonna talk to my cat, i always knew one day i
would lose everything i cared about...but i was hopping it
wasnt going to happen...even though it didnt happen yet its
close..very close...i dont know how to make things
better..ive tried many things..ive told people my feelings
but i dont think ne one heard me...or cares...the thought
of getting new friends crosses my mind..but who?...i like
the old ones...and trusting someone new is kinda hard...i
dont know...i think is point of life is an all time low for
me...will it ever get better?..will someone ever think
before they talk that i do too have feeling that cant be
just kicked around...o well i dont feel like writing
anymore. bye