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2002-01-07 19:26:50 (UTC)

Closet Country Music Listeners Anonymous

I just got a reminder note telling me to write in my
diary, so I'll entertain everyone with some ramblings, okay?
For years I've thought country music was an
embarrassment to the southern states. I'm like, "Eeuw,
that stuff is for slack-jawed trailer trash." Then one
day, I flipped over to the country music station on the
radio while driving. And I kept it there. And I kept it
there. And I kept it there. And I LIKED the country music.
All of a sudden my world came crashing down around me.
I could always stomach the Dixie Chicks, because they're a
little popish, but Kenny Chesney? What was going on? Is
an appreciation for country music something bred in all
southerners? Or is it just something you pick up when
you've heard that POD song for the 500th time?
I confided my new love of the twangy stuff to my 12 year
old sister, who proceeded to berate me verbally. She
actually wouldn't talk to me for the rest of the day.
You'd think I'd told her I practice voo-doo on the family
dog and that's why she has arthritis.
A lot of my friends are understanding, though. Granted,
the uncooth...uncouth?...ones. The slack-jawed ones. For
now, I'm staying in the country music closet. But one day,
when I have to lie to my parents about going to a Garth
Brooks concert, the web of lies will unravel around me.
Still don't know what to do about B or W. I think I had
a dream about K last night.