worthless lil painslut

my submissive life
2002-01-07 19:10:10 (UTC)

Life with Mistress

Life with Mistress has been cruel. Yesterday i did a poor
job of cleaning the toilet and as punishment Mistress
shoved the handle of the toilet brush up my ass and had me
reclean the bowl by squating over it. She video-taped it
so i could later watch my humiliation and remember my sore

When my Master loaned me to Mistress he told her i was
terrible at sucking cock. As practice, Mistress mounted a
large dildo on a wall near a corner. For an hour a day i
must kneel before the make-shift cock and suck it. When i
do, Mistress taunts me telling me no real man would ever
want to stick his cock in my slutty mouth and that the only
satisfaction i would ever get is from an inanimate object.

Mistress is fond of having me squat while naked with my
hands behind my head and my knees spread wide apart. It is
a difficult position to hold for long and an embarassing
one at that. She makes me hold it for impossibly long
periods of time and punishes me severely for moving. Often
while i am trying to hold it she torments me with a feather
or flogger or ice. Punishment for moving is several hours
riding the wooden pony or a night in her gynecologist chair
being tied down and held open with a speculum.

Often while i am being punished Master comes over and fucks
Mistress while i watch. Usually before leaving he cums on
my face and hair. Mistress lets it dry and refuses to let
me wash it off for a day or two. She laughs at me and
takes pictures of my cum-covered face and hangs them up all
over the house. i must repeatedly thank her for
humiliating me as such.

"Fat Cow" is always written of my stomach and Mistress
always refers to my tits as udders. She keeps me on a
strict diet and makes me exercise rigorously every day.
Usually exercise is done with weights pulling my udders
down and a clothespin on my tongue also sometimes with a
weight attached. Before eating Mistress smears her juices
under my nose so all i smell while i eat is her. She
weighs me every day and i am punished for not loosing
weight and punished even more for gaining any. She took me
to a gym and put nipple clamps under my shirt. Then with
fishing line she tied the clamps to the front of a
tredmill. She set the spead at a fast pace then watched
from a distance as my udders were yanked every time i fell

For fun Mistress forces me onto my hands and knees then
rides me like a horse. She whips my ass with a riding crop
for going to slow. She ties ropes to my udders and pulls
one or the other to steer me. i am usually gagged for this
and sometimes blindfolded so i must be extra careful not to
walk into a wall or table. One in while instead of sitting
on my back she has me pull her in a cart, still steering
the same way except this time she uses a horse whip to make
me go faster. As punishment she makes me crawl over rice
or sand.

Mistress makes me wear a diaper out in public and suck on a
pacifier. She has me drink a lot of water and then wet
myself on command. She handcuffs me to the shopping cart
when we are at a supermarket or leaves me in the car with
my shirt unbuttoned and open, sucking my pacifier, hands
tied behind me, eyes open to watch the people leering and
pointing at me. When shopping in the mall i must carry all
her bags and she usually has me wear high heels that are
too big for me so i must clench my toes to keep them from
falling off and walk very awkward.

At home Mistress has me hold a ping-pong ball against the
wall with my nose, usually while standing on my toes. She
smacks my ass with a ping-pong paddle telling me i had
better not let the ball drop. When i do i am usually
punished by another spanking, this time with the dreaded
wooden paddle. Othertimes she has me hold five pennies
inbetween the fingers of my hands as they are pressed
together. Then she tickles me with a feather and punishes
me for each penny i drop. Punishment here is usually a
pussy whipping with the riding crop.

For extra humiliation Mistress gives me an enema and
videotapes the process. As punishment i am forced to hold
it for half an hour before releasing, then having my mouth
taped shut and face forced to hover over the toilet and
smell my stench for another half hour. Releasing early is
punished by being given an extra large enema and plugged
tightly, then having to exercise while holding it or even
take a walk around the block. When Mistress leaves me
alone i must watch these videos and masturbate without

When going to non-bdsm parties or gatherings, Mistress has
me keep a vibrating egg in my pussy and wear a butt-plug.
After being aroused for so long i must beg Mistress to let
me cum. She only allows me to do so if i offer her an
acceptable trade-off. Such as, cuming in my panties then
sucking them dry. Cuming while being paddled by Mistress
then whipping my own pussy afterwards. Cuming while
fucking my pussy with a dildo lubbed with BenGay. Cuming
while bathing in my and Mistress' urine and sleeping the
same. Cuming while Mistress sits on my face and tortures
my udders. Etc. Mistress doesn't let me cum often and i
am usually punished for even asking. This is usually in
the form of being anally raped with her favorite dildo or
having ice shoved into my pussy. Sometimes she has me
sleep with my toothbrush shoved up my pussy and then have
to brush my teeth with it the next morning.

This Fat Cow thanks you Mistress.