thouhgts of Sam
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2002-01-07 17:03:26 (UTC)


Here I am at school and I am bored as crap. I am here in
math models the only class I have that I can get on a
computer to do this. I feel like this whole thing is a
waste of time. There is nothing to do and I wish I could of
just stayed at home for another day. I sit here and listen
to converstaions that I cant be part of and I wish I wasnt
here that much more. I am so very hungry and I want to go
home and go back to bed. But alas I cant I have to go home
eat very quickly and then I have to go to work. Work the
bane of my existance. I mean I like my job, but I dont
really want to go. I hate the fact that I HAVE to go to
work. I would rather show up when I want to, but what kind
of job would that be? I mean I hate that it is something I
have to do. I really hate having to do something. I dont
know I mean now I am just rambling. I guess it's cause I'm
bored and I dont know what else to do. I feel like I should
have soemthing to talk about but I dont. I mean I kind of
slept lastnight but I really didnt. I think it's cause I
got into the patter of staying up late and then I would get
up early and then I would go to work and then I was able to
come home and get back in to bed until later. Then I would
have to go back to work but after that I was done and I
could contine the day like nothing else happend.

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