2002-01-07 16:34:03 (UTC)

In Desperate Need of a Change

I can not wait until the new semester. It's less than two
weeks away. It was so weird going back to school today
after being out for Christmas Break. I felt like I had
already graduated. I'm ready to start something new. I'm so
sick of the people. And I'm really sick of drama. We have
so much work we have to do now. We have competitions for
the next two weekends. I hate them so much. They are so
stressful. They're fun when you win, but only when you win.
I used to like to go and pick up guys, but now that I have
a boyfriend I can't do that. And besides, all the cool guys
have already graduated anyway. The judges are the worst.
Most of the time they're just people's parents or the bus
driver or somebody who has no theatrical knowledge or
artistic appreciation. The judges are stupid and their
opinions often match, so winning is hard to come by. It
doesn't really matter how good you are, it's what kind of a
judge you get that counts. You just have to hope that your
pieces appeal to your judges. So, in my case, I hope I get
college students. 70 year old grandmothers don't really
appreciate my pieces about sex and murder. Well, I'm
looking forward to next week. It is....
~My 18th birthday
~The end of the semester
~A half day on Thursday and no school on Friday
~College night at The Planet (the club I now am old enough
to go to)
~(Possibly) A mini road trip with my friends
~Battle of the Bands which I will be performing at
~Party or some fun activity after our drama tourney
In the words on Natalie Merchant, "I think a change will do
you good." Let's hope that it does.