All in the Night
2002-01-07 16:01:23 (UTC)

School Please!

OMG Send me to school please!!!! I mean, don't get e
wrong, I love having a long break over the holidays, but
then it snowed or whatever and we've been out an extra 3
days plus another weekend. I am sooo bored!!! Agh, at
least if i was at school I'd get to actually see people,
not to mention we'd have a chance to have even a slight
spring break! THe longer we stay out now, the shorter our
spring break will be later.
Anyways, I talked to Chad last night and he wants to
go out on wednesday I think....that'll be the first tme
we've done anything in FOREVER. Oh i think he's going with
me on Friday too. Amyfrom work and I are going to go get
pierced! Lol, aren't I the daring one? Not at all!
Anyways, i don't reall yhave as much to say as i thought I
would, so i guess I'll have to update again later and make
it all exciting or something. Anyways, I'm out like the fat
kid in dodge ball!