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2002-01-07 15:22:55 (UTC)

Dreams and News

Okay, here I am again, hehe. I just felt like writing about
a couple nice dreams, and a couple boring ones.

I recently had a dream that I was walking on a cement
sidewalk, at an east coast beach. The nice part, is that I
was walking with Violet (Kiara's real name). Man, it was
cool to be walking with her ^.^ Too bad my mind was in her
pants... I couldnt stop thinking about snuggling or doing
even MORE than that x.x.

In a recent one, I had an evil teacher. I was late 2 times,
but only by 30 seconds! And she gave me 20 hours detention,
and I had to clean the entire gym with a sponge and bucket
of water!!

Besides dreams, I have this news. I shot my bow at the
archery club yesterday, on the 9 meter target (my usual) I
wasnt so good.... BUT, on the 18 meter target, I was doing
better than my usual! ^.^ I think I'll switch completely
over to the 18 meter one, hehe.
Also, at the archery club, I saw a very good looking
red headed girl. If I werent in a relationship, I would ask
her out. But, of course, she'd never understand furries,
nor even care. I'm a freak, and I like being me, but I dont
like that it comes with being misunderstood and disliked...
But hey! I have Violet, and she loves me, so it doesnt
matter what anyone else thinks. :)