The Princess
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2002-01-07 14:44:03 (UTC)

The Princess Writes From Her Chamber

I still remain here at the castle. I am very ill at this
moment. And the prince doesn't even care. I haven't been
out of my chamber bed for two days, except to wait on the
prince and he insist I retreive his ward robe and still
insist I serve him his meals. I have been trying to work,
but still, nothing is available. I've gotten this nasty
cold from this drafty ole castle. For the first snow fell
night. And so that does not help matters any. I am so
affraid to go stay with any of my family memebers, because
I feel I would only such be a burden on them. They have
lives & families of there own, and I am so use to being
alone most of the time.
Beside the prince is away working most of the night, and
he sleeps most of the days. I only pray I get a call very
soon, so I can move out of this drafty ole place.
I dream of my own castle, upon wakeing I feel very
destressed, because it was only dream. I must close for
now. My sickness is over powering me and I must return to
my chamber bed before he awakes and makes me wash his work
attire, and serve him his meal.
Till Next Time My Friends.......

~*Princess Blue*~

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