2002-01-07 11:50:09 (UTC)

The Funny Papers

I'm one of those *adults* who always ready the funny papers,
or as they're more commonly known, the comics. Those I
espeically like end up on the refrigerator. Right now Mutts
predominates. The ones I have now are:

** There's a sign which says *Beware of Dog* in which *Dog*
has been crossed out and replaced with *Everything*. Mooch
(the cat) says to Earl (the dog), *We live in difficult
times.* I think this one was published in the middle of the
antrax scare.

** Mooch is inside looking out and sees rain. He says
*Good. That gives me a chance to catch up on a few things.*
The next panel shows him lying on the windowsill, sleeping.
This one was published sometime in the summer when a day of
rain gave me a day off from working in the garden.

** Mooch is walking along and says *Let's see...I
ate..washed my face..ran up and down the shtairs..shcratched
the dining chairs...took a nap.* He looks at the clock.
*And it's only eight a.m.* While lying on the back of an
armchair he adds, *This is going to be a LONG day.*
Ahh...the life of a cat!

The other comic I have up is a little corner of today's
Zits. In the previous panel Jeremey (age 15) opens his
mouth wide, the main largest panel shows him in a grocery
cart with his mouth wide open as his mom pushes him through
the grocery store aisle, and the last one shows his Dad
looking at the grocery receipt saying *Holy mackerel! $238
for one week's groceries?* Mom responds, *Talk to your son,
not me.* As the mother of teen-age boys I understand this
one completely. Understanding why we have a high food bill
should not be diffcult.The only explanation necessary is *We
have teenaged boys in the house and they eat a lot!*

[NOTE: I have replaced the quotation marks with asteriks
because this diary ends up replacing them with slashes which
I find annoying when trying to read.]