the one who got away

lost somewhere inside of me
2002-01-07 11:24:17 (UTC)

so we arent broken up? i dont..

so we arent broken up?
i dont have a clue as to what happened last night but
apparently corey decided he would start some shit and Will
really didnt ask him to break up with me and Will really
isnt trying to get back with ashley...then again half the
time corey doesnt know who ashley is its like he blanks
back and forth or just acts like he is but im so freaking
confused right now i dont know what to think
but im not gonna be bothered with it today b/c i start my
classes and im not about to ruin my first day....its alreay
gonna be stressful enough
i dont even get to leave campus until like 6:15 this sux
major monkey ballsbut mondays and wednesdays that what it
is my beautiful schedule
well guys im out so i can get dressed and head to my first

love all