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2002-01-07 07:50:56 (UTC)

You love life very much.

Thats my fortune from a fortune cookie today at lunch.. oh yeah
baby. i'm sure i WOULD love life, if it didnt SUCK BALLS.

Monogometry. lol adams such a dork.

Claudia's breaking her pants. and having Adam-drama.

It was a good day. Thats the cutest shit I've ever heard
in my life. I was just bitching at Adam about fucking
around with other people when Claudia likes him and hes
like i like her a lot too and i was like "like a
girlfriend?" and he was like "like a fucking life partner,
a girlfriend that would last forever." thats so fucking
cute i want to puke. whens someone guna say that to me?

so yeah. so today was good. i saw daniel. woo hoo. i
didnt see caroline... ughhhhh...

i think ashley and emily broke up.. like. an hour after ashley and i
were talking about "when youre done, im done." Well fuck. yeah...
like, i think maybe i should be, because it has already become
obvious that this isnt guna work out for a real long time
because im getting too upset and when i tell her she gets
all mad... and shit is guna end up ending on bad terms and i dont
understand why it cant just work i like her SOO much but its like im
just another person to her and theres so many people and ugh.

I'm satan claudia just said cus of this richard thing.
so like, we all went out tonight. when caroline called and
said she wasnt guna see me tonight, my LAST night of
break, i called richard and i was like hey wana chill
tonight, and so we all went out, which was stupid of me to begin
with, with adam and claudia all like they are, then theres me and
richard and it wasnt good to begin with, and like claudia rode
with adam of course so richard rode with me and we were
talking a lot and hes like you need to get away from these
people that make you feel like shit not everybody will do
that and stuf... but i think they will and he was telling me how im
not crazy and hes so sweet to me. then we went to adams and watched
tv but then adams mom kicked us all out and yeah thats all
of that. it sucks cus he was all like "since you always make bad
decisions how about i make this one for you, then you can blame me
when youre sad about it" ughh.. hes like "Whats the worst that can
happen" I'll be lonely and miserable?

So yeah. I talked to matt last night and i was real upset cus
caroline and i had a fight kinda and it was bad and i love ashley a
lot. and im hungry and i want to make pictures but i want to talk to
richard and i cant do it all at once... ughhh..... i have
to work tomorrow and go to school on tuesday. ughh.. im
guna go im talking to richard and then im guna make


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