Bonnie Blue Dreams
2002-01-07 06:20:41 (UTC)

Bad Boyfriend Day

Today was an odd day. My boyfriend came over at about 3
this afternoon after spending the night before with the
guys. I dont mind that he does that, it's just that he
drank a little too much last night, the only thing he
remembered was that he threw up a whole bunch, his friends
later told him that he tried to get in bed with his friends
mother but she told him to get out. I've heard that she's
a "MILF". "mom I'd like to F***" Isnt that horrible?
Well I was kinda upset about it, I dont want him to drink to
the point that he wont remember anything. I made him sad
when I told him that my ex was right about his drinking
habbits. I guess we've worked it out but I guess I'll see
tomorrow. Tomorrow is the first day back to
school...ugh!! I'm only a sophomore, he's a junior.