Birdy: Where am I now?
2001-04-11 22:22:25 (UTC)

Another day

Today was horrible at first, but got fun toward practice.
It seems that everyday I dread practice, but it's the only
place that I am happy. Weird. Maybe I dread being happy? I
don't know.
Anyway, spring break starts tommorow and Carlie is off
with Claire to N/S carolina, wichever one. She has been
driving me crazy lately! I HATE HER! Anyway, tommorow I'm
gonna try to be in a good mood (good luck, right?) Well, I
gotta go.


I actually got rewarded for having a big mouth for once.
Coach said since I was the only one cheering loudly for the
team members, I get a free run, wich means I don't have to!

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