steaming the buns
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2002-01-07 05:51:40 (UTC)

my hands are trembling. chest..

my hands are trembling. chest pumping. what
could it be? something's wrong. i don't know what, but my
body's trying to tell me something here. insecurities are
flaring. anxiety burning. i still have no idea what's
wrong.. well maybe deep inside, in a small corner at the
back of my mind, i know. is it my inability or helplessnes
to reach the dream? the frustation of feeling in a cubicle
of the mundane. nothing's happening. i'm in a rut. there
has to be something better out there. i know there is and i
know what i want. i try so hard to get there. still
nothing. desperate. am i being held down by the ineptitude
of others? no don't think so. it's my life . if it sucks,
i'm to blame. i suck. it's what i make of it. no, it's all
me. they're still trembling