2001-04-11 22:12:50 (UTC)

"My Man"

wuz crackin every1? me, nuthin. i'm just chillin. well, i
have a week off for spring break, so i remembered about my
diary while i was online 2day.

i finally found a boyfriend. his name is davion and i've
known him since the beginning of the school year. he's
really sweet, so i think we'll stay together for a while.
but, u know how all of my relationships go. . .some kinda
sh*t happens and ruins it.

anywayz, i made a little web site. u can go to it @
it's kind of a journal-type/shout-out thing that i got
going on. hey, i was bored, ok?

anywayz, i ordered this playboy bunny tongue ring online
becuz i lost the screwy ball part. so, in order to keep my
hole open, i have to use a part of an eraser to keep my
tongue ring in. but it's only temporary, until my little
order comes in.

i'm going to be going to "six flags" on friday. i was going
to get a superman tongue ring to show off my "six flags"
pride, but i decided the bunny was cuter. sexier too. . .

well, i'm not doing much for spring break becuz i'm
grounded for the week that i'm off. bummer, huh? my mama
was trippin. don't think i'm bad or anything. i just had a
little slip of the tongue. that's all.

anywayz, i'm gonna go now. i'll talk to y'all l8er.