once again
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2002-01-07 05:28:11 (UTC)

so, exactly when do things work out?....

I'm over the Chris drama thing. I'm better and things have
been going a little bit smoother with Shawn and I however
more then one thing can never be good at one time. So my
cousin called him back and wants to put him to work but
needs to test his abilities out first in his house. This
is good...calling him back this week. Yea, but then two
days later he has to move out of Keri's house like
yesterday. He's there right now but he will have to go in
the next day or so. I don't know what I'm going to do.
I'm going to try to find him a room to rent tomorrow and
hopefully get him into something. If not I have no clue
what to do. Motel...eww, but it's a bed. I feel so bad
for him but I decided if I can't fing him a place to live
he'll have to go back to Florida and I'll just go back
too. I'll have to drive id to fly. Things are a
little screwed up right now. But hopefully in a few days
it'll be better news. I hope.

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