my life and thoughts
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2001-04-11 22:04:05 (UTC)

hey ,. now that im done telling..

hey ,.
now that im done telling the person what i thought ,,i can
write my real entry for the day ,,
well ,, my day has been pretty good again ..just the normal
stuff..haha the weather has been real nice lately .. yea ..
man i hate ppl like that dude that send feedbacks and
decide to be all gripy at me like they know every single
detail bout my life , i dont know .. its not my fault i say
what i want to say ,, i didnt ask him to agree or to read
this diary ,, i got this for ppl to read and help me when i
need it , not to totally bitch at me ..i appreaciate the
ppl the do care and at least try to give me some real
advice.. instead of calling me immature weird adn saying i
cant spell when i can spell just fine ..i just cant
type .. o well i let him be like he is .. he can t do a
thing about nething .. o well
man i got to work friday and saturday...GREAT FUN