Mojin Trey

Thoughts for the Thoughtless
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2002-01-07 04:41:39 (UTC)

Playin a game, havin a bud?

Last night was very strange to me. I went to my friend
Waynes house to stay the night there with him and two of my
other friends, Aj and Jesse L. which I just call Leon.

At first we went to go see Lord of the Rings but we desided
not to see it and we went to Blockbuster Video insted and
rented some movies and games. We rented Princess Mononoke,
an episode of 3x3 Eyes, M.D. Guist 2: Death Corps, Cheech
and Chong: Up in Smoke, and another Cheech and Chong
movie....I cant remember what it was called. The games we
rented were Syphon Filter 3, Mario Party 3, Super Smash
Bros., and Metal Gear Solid.

At first we played the games and after words, about 4 hours
later, Wayne and Aj were drinking Vodka, Lemon juice, and
licking salt off thier hands. they each did this 6 times
trying to best eachother. Leon and I didnt participate,
Leon didnt because he was smart and didnt wanna get drunk,
and I didnt really have a choice cause im allergic to
alcohol. After this Wayne and Aj were drunk off thier
ass'es and Leon and I were sober. But to make things farer
to the drunkies, Leon and I got a nice sugar high. Let me
tell you, you act quite crazy after 15 chocolate bars, 9
cans of Pepsi, and a bottle of lemon juice.

Every thing was fine for a while, Leon and I were singing
on a platform, singing songs we didnt know we knew, like
Barbie Girl, the Speed Racer Theme Song, and Blue. Everyone
was enjoying themselves, we couldnt stop laughing. Then
thats when things went topsie turbie. Wayne started to go
insane and Aj started getting pissed while Leon and I were
laughing our ass'es off. Wayne was quite annoying,
screaming and being an ass. So we all started thowing
things at eachother, like Pepsi cans and shoes, then we
settled down for about 10 minutes. Then AJ and Wayne got
really affected by their alcohol intake. Wayne crawled
under the bed and started screaming things like, I will
kill you (while trying to beat the bed with the hilt of a
wooden sword), I hate you all, Im sorry, Dont hurt me, and
a few other things. Aj was stumbling around the room
screaming he was the "God of Death", and was thinking he
had a chainsaw in his hand. Luckly Aj came around after a
while and we all tried to get Wayne to stop screaming. He
did that for about an hour. Then he finnily stoped and just
remained quiet.

A while later Aj went to the kitchen and to make a long
story short, spewed it all out all over the floor for me to
clean up. Then Wayne did the same thing but we got him a
bucket to spew in.

After this Leon and I watched 5 of the movies, while Aj and
Wayne were sleeping, then went to bed ourselfs....still
laughing quietly.

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