lost in the dark
2002-01-07 04:37:05 (UTC)

Back to work...

Hey Entry. I am back home and waiting for work. I know
that it sounds crazy that I am actaully waiting to go back
to work. For some reason I just can't stand it when I have
nothing to do all day. Other then on the weekends I perfer
not to do anything that has to deal with work. But, when
vacation is up and I am away from work, finding something
to do is hard. I know I have the system with all the
wonders of the Internet at my fingure tips. But, that only
last for the first two to three days. What the hell do you
do from Tuesday on. I know that there was plenty to do down
at my Twins place with his kids and the people that live by
him. But, There was the coupla days that it was boring
because I did not know what to do. Spending time with the
little ones was fun and all. There was still this feeling
of not knowing what to do.

Coming back I was hoping to see Brother. I sent him a
message saying that I would have liked to see him when I
got home saturday night and talk with him. I found out that
he left saturday to spend it with other friends at a small
LAN party. Some what disappointed in that one. Since there
was talk of having the LAN party after I got back from my
Twins place. *shrug* I guess the world moves as it pleases.

I keep finding things that I have to do. At this time of
night all the energy that I have is just going to do
laundry. Man, when are they going to make cloths so you do
have to wash them all the time. LOL .

I look at my ICQ list and I see a couple people on the
list that I would like to talk to and discuss somethings
with. Where do you find the pleasure in talking to someone
that might not understand you. Or might take things the
wrong way. The Burden of Guilt weighs heavy tonight. What
is ment for one is apon another. (another brick to the pile)

I sat and talked with Sister when I got home. Things do
not seem to be going good for her. I wish that I was able
to help her out more then I could. All I was able to do was
sit there and listen to her. The couple of things that I
was able to spread some light on was not all that much. I
wish that I was able to tell her exactly what to do. But, I
know what kind of position that she is in. I have been in
the same spot. I was only able to tell her how I was able
to handle the sitution that I was in. I just hope that she
finds a better way to handle things then what is going on
now. For you my Sister I extend my hand and ears for you
when ever you need them.

Why is it that when I am thinking about something that
needs to be done, all that comes to me is what people say.
I know that what needs to be done is not a good thing. But,
when it is done and finished am I still going to have the
people that I like around or are they going to leave
because of an action that is about to take place. The
wonders of the world are not all ways that far away.
Wonders are found in the people that you interact with or
don't interact with.

Listening to White Zombie - Children of the Grave

Lost in the Dark....

On my sleeping mind I am thinking about the people that are
dear to me.