my life and thoughts
2001-04-11 21:43:06 (UTC)

to drdredabomb15

yea im real immature ,, excuse me ...but ur pretty low//u
seem to be more immature than i am . alrigth u dont see me
telling ppl they cant spell and shit and caling them a
bitch when u dont even know the person ..that seems pretty immature
to me ...(at least i know the ppl i say stuff
about they WERE my good "friends" )...
.. alright .. and besides making fun of
someone for a disability they might have (like not be able
to spell)isnt mature what so ever u think a person
choose to be like that ..huh .. I DONT THINK SO if u
dont fucking like what i write .. hey i didnt tellu to read
it .. and i dont see how iam immature here ... alright ..i
think i am more mature then like more than half the people
in my grade .. so why dont u tell me what makes me soo
immature ,,u only know half my life and half my thoughts u
dont see me everyday and u dont know how i am and u hardly
know shit about me .. and so what if i state the truth
about some one or something thats just how i am .. i tell
things how they are and it may piss ppl off but im not
saying they have to agree with me .. so dont give me ur
childish crap like calling me names .. u aint going to do
nething about it ,,its a freedom of speech and i can say
whatever i want ..
later ..