mark my words
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2002-01-07 04:06:43 (UTC)

very short entry- GREAT news

this needs to be a two minute entry as I dont want Mom
waking up and bitching at me for being online late...
great news! i had sex with mark on friday! whoo hoo! it was
amazing and i'm in looove even though it was just casual
sex. more details on that when i have more time.
also i just pierced my ear again... the upper left
cartilage right below my original cartilage hole. now i
have: two lobes in my right ear, two lobes in my left, two
cartilage in my left, tongue, and belly button. that's a
decent eight piercings. not bad, i guess!
gotta go because my allotted two minutes is up, but expect
a play by play of fucking mark tomorrow!