frequency shift

the lost transmission
2002-01-07 04:03:36 (UTC)

a formal introduction

i've been keeping some informal type of journal since i was
about 14. whether be it on a scrap of notebook paper, or
the back of a reciept, i've always been compelled to put my
thoughts and feelings down on paper. the only key issue
being that they've never been shared with anyone up until
this point. those little pieces of my being have been kept
under a rather stringent guard. i was always compelled to
let someone else read them, but feared the response that i
might recieve.
2001 was a year of firsts for me, quite a few of them
unpleasant experiences. alot changed in a rather brief
period of time, subsequently changing who i am with rather
drastic results. which brings me in a rather abbreviated
manor to where i sit now. still trying to give myself that
one last nudge, trying to take that one last step over and
begin to let it go without the defense that it once
so i guess that this is it, the first step into another
uncharted territory for my life. i realize that you've yet
to learn anything about me still, but you now have a vague
idea of what brought me here. thank you for listening.